It's all change for Twitter. And we mean all. The micro blogging giant has unveiled sweeping changes across the board - meaning new versions of (almost) all of its platforms.

First up, the desktop client has had a major shift from right to left. Not politically, you understand, but literally. You'll now find your timeline on the right-hand side and all of the other gubbins on the left. There's also a new taskbar with tabs that read "Home", "Connect" and "Discover".

Home is fairly obvious, Connect is where you'll see who has followed or mentioned you, retweeted or favourited one of your Tweets and Discover is your new Twitter search engine, sort of. You can still search for specific hashtags and phrases up the top but Discover will allow you to find out about stuff that's going on within the Twitterverse that you may not have known about. There's also a new Profile section giving people your full Twitter info and avatar.

The iPhone and Android apps, and the mobile version all tap into the new tabs - although the visual differences and the UI are less obvious than the desktop overhaul. There's no new iPad app yet - but we're told that it's in the works.

Twitter has also decided to revamp TweetDeck - getting rid of Adobe Air and bringing in HTML5. It's also trimmed the update options to just Twitter and Facebook; LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace are long gone.

The new mobile version of Twitter is now live, as are the iPhone and Android apps. The desktop version is rolling out so, if you don't see it now, you soon will do.