New Facebook-esque Twitter features, including the Activity tab, have landed in the UK following the revamp that Pocket-lint first told you about back in August.

The Activity tab sits on your top-line and is a bit like your news feed on FB. It gives you an overview of what's going on with your Twitter contacts, such as who your followers and followees are now following and also provides a quick follow button for you to add those people too, should you wish.

There's also details of tweets your contacts have favourited and retweeted and some of this info is also provided on the right hand column as well.

The @username tab, the other new addition, gives you a quick glimpse on what's been happening with your tweets - who's commented, retweeted, favourited and the like. It also shows you your new followers and details any lists that you may have been added to.

Basically, it's a pat on the back / kick in the teeth for your Twitter persona.

Not all of team Pocket-lint seem to be able to tap into the new features yet, so the roll-out is obviously still on going.

If you don't use the Twitter website and instead rely on Twitter clients and / or your smartphone then now might be the right time to take a look-see, especially if you're the stalky social media type.

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