It took us almost 7 years to get from the first iteration of Firefox to version 4.0, but now Mozilla is throwing out new versions faster than a Pakistani fast bowler with a spot-betting addiction.

We're now up to version 8.0, taking just 8 months to get from 4.0 thanks to the new rapid release plan and we've got a tasty new search option to celebrate - that being Twitter Search.

"Twitter is now included as a search option in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux. Twitter search in Firefox makes it easier to discover new topics, #hashtags and @usernames," states Mozilla on its blog.

"Twitter search is currently available in English, Portuguese, Slovenian and Japanese versions of Firefox, with more languages to come in future releases."

No worries for Pocket-lint, we're fluent in both Portuguese and Slovenian - although our English could do with a little work.

Firefox 8.0 also adds tabs on demand, disables add-ons installed by third parties without your permission and contains improved WebGL and HTML5 options.

Firefox 8.0 for Android has also landed - bringing a master password feature to the setup and letting Android users add icons for any bookmarked website or Web app to the home screen so they can launch with just one touch.

Both versions are available now.