How much do you like yourself and Twitter? Or maybe we should rephrase by asking “How much does your mate like Twitter?” If the answer is a lot then the Twitter Poster, courtesy of Firebox, is probably going to be the stocking filler for you. 

The idea is that you tell the online retailer your Twitter handle and then it makes a poster of your profile picture made up from the tweets you’ve sent in the past.

“Packed with all of your insights, musings, recommendations, shout-outs and more, it’s the most insightful, immediate and revealing self-portrait you could ever own,” reads the blurb on the site.  

The 61cm x 61cm poster is available to anyone that has a public profile and has enough tweets for the software to make a picture – three tweets over the last 6 months isn’t really going to cut it

“With a font size of 18pt they’re readable up to around 2m, but become a jumbled mess from any further away. Until we add colour, of course.”

firebox twitter poster the geekiest christmas present  image 2

Set against a black background, your full page of tweets is coloured to match your Twitter profile picture. So take a few steps back and instead of seeing line after line of (fascinating) ramblings you’ll see your own smiling face.

Thankfully the site lets you try out what the final effect would look like and you don’t need to have any passwords to see it allowing you to create one for your friend or if you are really sad your favourite celebrity.

Having been sent a final version for the Pocket-lint office we have to say it is all rather cool, if not incredibly geeky. The print quality is excellent.

As Firebox say: Packed with all of your comments, news, opinions and more, this picture really is worth a thousand words.

The poster costs £24.99 and is available now.