Who said women's football would never be popular eh? Try telling that to the twittersphere as the micro-blogging giant has revealed that during the women's World Cup final between Japan and USA, Twitter saw its record books re-written with an enormous average of 7,196 tweets per second taking place.

The previous record was 6,939 when 2011 came around in Japan and, to put things into perspective as to just how big Twitter has grown in the last year (200 million registered accounts and 200 million tweets per day compared to 65 million this time last year), the highest tweets per second (TPS) count during the men's final last year, which would have had a much larger TV audience, was just 3,051.

Even Mr President himself got in on the fun, tweeting:

"Incredible performance from #USWNT, no matter what happens. Now on to penalties. Let's win this."

The US ladies didn't do as Barry wanted though, losing 3-1 on penalties after a 2-2 draw after extra-time.

Other historic events and their TPS stats are:

- Japanese earthquake and tsunami: 5,530

- Osama Bin Laden's Death: 5,106

- Super Bowl XLV: 4,064

- The Royal Wedding: 3,966

- The day at Pocket-lint Towers when Rik accidentally wore odd socks: 0.02