It may be a while before the aftermath of the Twitter super injunction scandal is truly known, but for now the shenanigans have been very good for the social networking site's UK traffic.

Hitwise, the "leader in online competitive intelligence", reports that, thanks to CTB's well-documented legal action against the site, on Saturday 21 May, Twitter UK experienced its highest ever volume of online traffic. It accounted for one in every 184 UK Internet visits - basically, 0.54 per cent of all UK Internet traffic - a massive spike on its usual numbers.

The only other events that got anywhere near that recently include the Royal Wedding on 29 April and the first posting of CTB's real name by anonymous tweeter @InjunctionSuper on 8 May. Indeed, it even took a while for the impetus of the posting to translate to figures, with word of mouth seeing the traffic rise over the next couple of days.

Basically, what this essentially boils down to, is that CTB's legal action has both increased the popularity of the site sued, plus provoked those who otherwise wouldn't have sought out the original posting. More people probably now know than if they'd ignored the original posting.

It kind-of makes a mockery of the whole process, to be honest.

twitter super injunction scandal sees uk traffic go through the roof image 2