Twitter has just rolled out a new update for its official Mac app, bringing with it some new changes and some new features.

The biggest new feature to grace the update is the ability to run multiple windows of various searches at the same time, something that hasn’t been possible to date and an addition that ties in nicely with the rumoured acquisition of TweetDeck.

Users are able to run multiple windows of accounts, searches, mentions or DMs without limit - or so it seems from our quick play of the new app.

twitter for mac updated introduces tweetdeck style windows  image 2

Those who update the app - yes, you’ll have to fire up the Apple Mac App Store to do so - will also notice the Twitter for Mac app is sporting a new look and feel that looks more “Mac” than before though certainly not as clean.

That new look means you can now change the font size and even make the window even narrower - something that’s certainly handy if you’ve got multiple windows running and floating around your desktop.

Other User Interface (UI) changes include a new user profile design and a new message conversation design.

Bringing the desktop app up to speed with its mobile offering, users will also get autocomplete for hashtags and usernames - something that will be very welcomed we are sure.

Other gems include a developer console and AppleScript support, as well as a bevy of improvements, enhancements and bug fixes. 

In related news Twitter has also updated its mobile website on Thursday. 

"Today, we’re starting to roll out a new version of for mobile devices," the company announced on its blog. "This web app allows us to provide a high-quality and consistent Twitter experience on high-end touchscreen devices - whether or not an official Twitter application is available. It was built from the ground up for smartphones and tablets, which have more advanced browsers that support the latest web technologies, including HTML5."