Twitter experienced massive issues on Tuesday night with the site either inaccessible or showing the old version of the site to users keen on checking their timelines.

The social networking service started experiencing issues around 7pm GMT and at 12 AM GMT still wasn’t fixed. It seems the only way to keep the service up and running was to revert back to the old Twitter design temporarily ditching the new look introduced earlier in the year in the process.

That move prompted many to claim that Twitter had gone “all retro” with Ryan Sarver, Twitter’s director of platform, stating on Twitter that “Looks like our april fools retro joke was a few days late” in an attempt to make light of the issue.

Trying to access the site's homepage returns the company's 404 error page at time of writing.

The issues don’t appear to be affecting the company’s official Twitter apps however.

Twitter search gets better :)

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