Twitter, following weeks of outcry from it’s users has ditched the Quick Bar introduced last month.

“Last month, we released an update to Twitter for iPhone and iPad containing a number of features that made finding friends and sharing information on Twitter even easier,” Twitter’s Creative Director Doug Bowman explains.  

The Quick Bar was meant to allow users to quickly see trending topics on Twitter and let the company serve adverts to millions of users, however soon ran into criticism. Twitter responded with a quick fix, however it seems this hasn't been enough to quell the dislike for the feature many feel is too intrusive. 

However while the company admits that while it was massively successful in highlighting new content for discovery, it didn't “improve the user experience or serve our mission.”

So rather than continue to fudge and make better, the Bowman says Twitter has opted to ditch it for the time being until it can be made to work more effectively.

“For now, we’re going back to the drawing board to explore the best possible experience for in-app notification and discovery.”

You can download the new update in the Apple store and be rid of that annoying bar reverting your Twitter viewing experience back to how it was once at the beginning of February.