Twitter looks to have ditched its iconic fail whale and replaced it with a one-handed robot – a trend that seems to be catching on.

Now, instead of a whale being carried away by a bunch of birds when something goes wrong, users of the company’s 404 error page get a small white robot with only one hand, alongside the words:

“Something is technically wrong.”

Something, indeed, is wrong; the little fella’s only got one hand. And then there's the pain and anguish of having to look at his discarded hand on the floor in front of him. Mean. It's like a tech version of 127 Days.

While we aren’t sure how long Twitter’s been showing the sad robot rather than the whale image, a quick ask around amongst some heavy users we know brought a "ooh that’s fun", rather than "oh yeah, saw that months ago".

twitter kills fail whale installs one handed robot  image 3

Adopting a robot seems like a new trend. Google installed a new 404 error page at the beginning of March that, you guessed it, shows a robot in bits with a sad face trying to put itself back together.

Are we seeing the start of a new meme perhaps?

 Let us know if you have found or find any other robot themed 404 error pages in the comments below....