Thanks to one of the many activities helping to raise money for Comic Relief around Red Nose Day, you could be followed on Twitter by a celebrity for at least 90 days. And even have a once in a lifetime experience with them.

Twitrelief is the brain child of two famous Emmas; Frued (@emmafreud) - scriptwriter, presenter and partner of director and Comic Relief vice-chair Richard Curtis - and Kennedy (@EmmaK67) - actress and one part of the awesome As it Occurs to me podcast with Richard Herring. They decided that one way to raise money for the charity would be to auction a "follow" from a celebrity to the highest bidder:

"Within days we had over a hundred celebrities on board, in fact everyone we asked (except for two) said yes," says Emma Kennedy. "The roll call was phenomenal - sexy Simon Pegg, gorgeous Matt Lucas, nation’s sweetheart Davina McCall, nation’s crumpet JLS, delicious Nick Frost, divine Leona Lewis, deeply fabulous David Baddiel, amazing Miranda Hart, diddy One Direction, speccy hearthrob Alan Carr, legendary Lauren Laverne, angelic James Corden - the list of people wanting to help out went on and on…"

And it certainly does, with Thandie Newton, Bill Nighy and Richard Curtis even agreeing to join Twitter just to follow their respective winning bidder.

It also gets even better, as everyone who is taking part will also add a once in a lifetime extra. Ruby Wax is offering the opportunity to watch her get botox; Gabby Logan is proposing a round of golf with her husband, rugby player Kenny Logan, plus lunch and, if she has two glasses of wine, she'll do the splits; and columnist Caitlin Moran will offer up an hour in the pub with a bottle of champagne, 20 Silk Cut and 16 of her best gossip stories - she'll also snog the winner if "they're not minging".

In addition, star of Peep Show Robert Webb is offering a monologue of a sketch or section from any of his TV shows, performed for the winner over a Skype video call; and co-conspirator Emma Freud herself is offering a walk-on part in Richard Curtis' next movie.

Indeed, there are plenty of other celebrities and extras involved, and they will be gradually appearing on the official Twitrelief eBay section for you to bid for. Each day, over the next 10, more celebs will be listed. And don't forget, while this all a bit of fun, all the money raised will be spent by Comic Relief to help people living unimaginably tough lives across the UK and Africa. It will save lives.

If you can't afford to bid (Emma Freud and her walk-on part is currently at £1,570 with nine days left to go - and will probably be even higher by the time you've finished reading this sentence), please at least retweet #twitrelief and spread the message. Every little thing helps.

One last thing, our favourite extra that we've heard so far has to be from comedian and perpetual tweeter David Schneider. As well as follow his winner on Twitter, he'll also physically "follow" someone (at an agreed distance) for an hour. Made us laugh until Coco Pops came out of our noses at that one.

Leaving us with red ones. Fitting.

What are you doing for Red Nose Day? Let us know in the comments below...

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