Users of UberMedia’s Twitter apps for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry have found that their favourites have been shut out of the social networking service on Friday. Twitter claims it has done so because of policy violations in the way the company used its data.

The move affects mobile clients UberTwitter, Twidroyd and UberCurrent, meaning that BlackBerry users can now only use the official Twitter app on their phone.

"These violations include, but aren't limited to, a privacy issue with private Direct Messages longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement, and changing the content of users' Tweets in order to make money," said Twitter in a statement to Techcrunch and ReadWriteWeb.

According to Twitter, the company has failed to address issues dating back to April 2010, so has therefore decided to pull the plug.

“We ask all developers in Twitter ecosystem to abide by a simple set of rules that are in the interests of our users, as well as the health and vitality of the platform as a whole,” the spokesperson confirmed to the sites. “We often take actions to enforce these rules; in fact, on an average day we turn off more than one hundred services that violate our API rules of the road. This keeps the ecosystem fair for everyone.”

UberMedia's CEO has told TechCrunch that:

“We just talked to Twitter and discussed the various issues they raise. It took us by surprise because they didn’t raise them before. We started making the changes.”

We’ve also contacted UberMedia for an official statement and will update the article if we get a reply.

UPDATE: UberMedia has got in touch with Pocket-lint with the following comment attributed to their CEO, Bill Gross:

"Early Friday morning, Twitter shut off access to its service by several of our Twitter client applications: UberTwitter, Twidroyd and UberCurrent. Twitter then notified us that they believed we were in violation of several provisions of their terms of service.

"We were immediately in touch with Twitter, and the changes they asked us to make were very small.  As a result, we have completed the changes, and new apps are currently being posted to their respective stores. Twitter has assured us that as soon as those changes were complete, they would reactivate our applications.

"Twitter also asked us to modify the name of UberTwitter. We began a process of changing the name three weeks ago by polling our users, and we've decided, based on their input, to change the product name to UberSocial, which we completed today.

"To our millions of loyal users, we appreciate your patience during this temporary period.  We look forward to continuing our innovations on the Twitter platform."

UPDATE 2: Further clarification from UberMedia has confirmed that Echofon hasn't been affected as we previously reported, even though it's an UberMedia product. 

However, the company has confirmed that the apps that have been affected aren't back online yet. They will, hopefully, reappear soon, as "they [Twitter] are aware that we've made the changes."

UPDATE: Twitter has turned the api back on:

"We've given the developers of twidroyd and UberSocial for Blackberry (formerly UberTwitter) access to the Twitter API again. Our initial review indicates that steps have been taken to remedy the violations for these applications. "When the developer updates twidroyd and Ubersocial, you'll be able to download their updates to access Tweets again on these applications."