Twitter has been blocked in Egypt, the micro-blogging giant has confirmed.

It seems as if the Egyptian authorities want a blanket ban on all forms of protest and opinion, with the BBC also confirming that all public gatherings, protests and marches are now prohibited, 1 day after thousands of people joined a "day of revolt" against the government of president Hosni Mubarak.

Twitter stated, via its Twitter Comms stream:

"We can confirm that Twitter was blocked in Egypt around 8am PT today. It is impacting both & applications.

"We believe that the open exchange of info & views benefits societies & helps govts better connect w/ their people."

Herdict Web is also keeping a record of all the banned tweets from Egypt.

The protest on Tuesday was said to be web-created, with the organisers using Facebook to spread the word. It was focused on the president, with thousands calling for his resignation.