Let's be honest - no one likes doing Secret Santa in the office.

Sure, you may have one or two buddies at your workplace that you can tolerate, but the chances are that you'll draw out the name of one of the office-weirdos.

You know, like the annoying woman from accounts who smells a bit like sour milk and talks about cats a lot, or the chap who comes in with "wacky" ties and who goes orienteering on the weekends.

And you're likely to get a crap novelty item that has been bought last-minute, and which no real thought has gone in to because your Secret Santa doesn't really know you at all.

Nope, Secret Santa is rubbish and we should all just leave it well alone.

Or, perhaps, we could indulge in some Secret Santa action with people who we do know, and who know us. People we interact with everyday.

No, we're not talking about our real friends - we're talking Twitter contacts.

The Great Twitter Secret Santa is open for registrations until 11 December. It allows you to enter into a scheme with your Twitter pals (it will group you with Tweeps who you both follow and who follow you) and you'll be matched with someone based on how engaged you are with that person (shared contacts and the like).

There's a $15 limit and the only details that will be passed on to your Secret Santa will be the ones that you enter upon signing up. So if you're worried about giving your address, you can always use a PO Box number, or a workplace.

If you want to get involved get over to thegreattwittersecretsanta.com and sign up.

Oh, and if anyone draws out Pocket-lint, then we don't need any more socks.