Oh dear, if only the Massachusetts-based tweeter @theashes had done a bit of research before opting for her Twitter handle, she would have saved herself quite a bit of bother.

Mind you, she would have also missed out on the offer of a free flight from the US to Australia and free tickets to an Ashes Test.

Confused? If so, let us explain the story of @theashes, whose outburst, "I am not a freaking cricket match!!!" has now gone viral, and has added to the ever expanding pile of Twitter memes.

It all started when people tweeting about the action down under accidentally tagged @theashes into their cricket tweets, instead of using the hashtag #theashes.

First off @theashes treated these unwanted mentions with slight annoyance, replying personally with: "I am not a cricket match. Stop mentioning me and check profiles before you send messages. Its really annoying".

But once the web got word, and the tweet mentions went large-scale she came out with her now famous catchphrase.

But it's not all doom and gloom for @theashes, as T-shirts with her slogan are already on sale, and companies have offered her the chance to fly to Australia to take in a match (although she's apparently turned the offers down for now until her boyfriend gets a ticket too).

@theashes now has over 5500 followers and her bio reads: "If you're going to harass me about cricket, at least buy a t-shirt".

If you do want a slice of the viral pie, the T-shirts are priced at $19.90 and are available from Spread Shirt now.