Twitter has announced a major overhaul of its homepage, both aesthetically and with some new functionality. And partnerships with 16 content-centric domains, including YouTube, Kiva, Flickr, Vimeo and Twitpic, allow for video and photo viewing directly on the site.

The page is now split into two panes, one for tweets and general use, the other for content and, most likely, future advertising potential.

Indeed, that's a major reason for the redesign: To keep users on the homepage for longer, accessing video and image content directly instead of following click-throughs. Naturally, that will bring in larger advertising bucks.

Other changes include mini profiles; the ability to check out a user's profile without leaving your own homepage. And, when clicking on a tweet, the box will show other related content, such us @replies and geotagged maps of where the tweet was sent from.

Speaking to BBC News, Evan Williams, Twitter's chief executive said: "You can now take a simple short tweet and get more context and information in less time".

"We liked the old Twitter but we thought we could make it better. There was a lot buried underneath Twitter and now we are bringing all of that to the surface".

The roll-out is expected "over the course of a few weeks, so hold tight if you don't see any changes quite yet".

You can find out more at

What do you think of the new redesign? Will it make you use the Twitter homepage more, and stay for longer? Let us know in the comments below...