If you've been complaining that there isn't a good Twitter app for the iPad even though the tablet has been on the market 6 months then your prayers have been answered says Twitter, as the company launches the official Twitter for iPad app.

"Today we are bringing Tweets to a device that really lets content shine - the iPad", says Twitter in a blog post on the company's website.

"Twitter for iPad takes advantage of the iPad’s fluid touch interface, letting you move lots of information around smoothly and quickly - without needing to open and close windows or click buttons".

The new app, which is free by the way, features a number of new offerings including "Panes"; a way of seeing a video, photo, or news story and "Gestures"; that let you pinch to open tweets.

If you haven't got a Twitter account don't worry, Twitter says that you don't even need to log in to start enjoying the app, although you will need to if you want to get the full benefit.

Twitter for iPad is available worldwide from the App Store.