Twitter has gone live and official with its Tweet Button, just as Pocket-lint reported that it would earlier on this week.

And, just as we suggested might be the case in that post, TweetMeme has been invited to the party. Twitter said: "We’re pleased to be working closely with the good folks at TweetMeme and, from here on out, they will be pointing to the Twitter Tweet Button".

The launch was announced via the Twitter blog. The micro-blogging giant stated:

"Twitter is great for sharing interesting things you find on the web. In fact, close to a quarter of all Tweets include a link in them. Despite the high volume of sharing, there is plenty of room to make it easier. Copying and pasting, link shortening, and bouncing between browser tabs just to share a link in a Tweet is too much work.

"We’re launching the Tweet Button to make sharing simple. It lets you share links directly from the page you’re on. When you click on the Tweet Button, a Tweet box will appear -- pre-populated with a shortened link that points to the item that you’re sharing".

TweetMeme stated via its blog:

"We have grown to more than 750 million daily retweet button impressions, which for a tiny team is an amazing achievement. That said the market requires an official solution that can accelerate this growth. So today Twitter is launching its own Tweet Button and we are very pleased to be partnering with them to continue to grow the overall Twitter ecosystem".

Ahh, that's nice. They're new bessie-friends.

TweetMeme also signalled its intent to carry on innovating in the field of Twitter APIs and announced the arrival of a new service called DataSift, which gives "developers the ability to leverage cloud computing to build very precise streams of data from the millions and millions of tweets sent every day".

The button will be accompanied by a counter showing the amount of times that it has been retweeted and once you click it to share a page you'll also get requests of who to follow based on your interests.

You can of course choose to ignore these and return to the page. We mean, just because someone else shares your passion for 19th century cooking utensils, doesn't mean you want hourly updates on their mundane little lives.

The button is live now, and TweetMeme buttons will be gradually changing to point towards Twitter's official interface as well.

We use the TweetMeme button right here on Pocket-lint. It's right up there on the left. Give it a click, you know you want to.