Twitter is about to launch its very own Tweet Button that will let users share content from the web.

According to documents acquired by Mashable, the service could even go live as early as 12 August, with the code to embed the button already available - although it only works for a select few test accounts.

The official Tweet Button will come in three sizes - 10 x 20, 55 x 20, 55 x 63 - and features the Twitter bird alongside the word '"Tweet" and a counter of how many times the button has been clicked.

twitter to launch its own tweet button image 5

Mashable is saying that the Tweet Button will be the most detailed retweet counter, which will be bad news for third party retweet button providers such as TweetMeme, whose button you can see plastered all over Pocket-lint.

Or will it?

The report suggests that TweetMeme may even be in cahoots with Twitter with this launch.

Could we be seeing another Twitter buy out of a third party Twitter based developer, as we have seen in the past with its purchase of Atebits for its Tweetie mobile apps or Cloudhopper for its SMS programs? Or maybe Twitter has simply signed a licensing agreement with TweetMeme.

What is clear is that it could be curtains for TweetMeme if it has been left out in the cold. Although the platform does offer a free service, it is also keen to promote its TweetMeme Pro service where websites pay between $1000 and $5000 per year for extra features such as advanced customisation of the retweet button and dedicated servers.

This service won't seem so appealing if Twitter comes along and offers a comprehensive service for free.

It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Stay tuned to Pocket-lint where we'll be following the Tweet Button story as it unfolds.