Twitter has revamped the emails that it sends to you when you've got a new follower, making it easier to see if you're getting some genuine interest or whether you've been attacked by the ubiquitous spam machine.

Take this email update received by Pocket-lint's very own News Editor Rik Henderson for example:

twitter tweeks its email updates image 2

Now, either Ethel Turner bears an uncanny resemblance to Rachel Bilson from the OC. Or that isn't her real photograph. Or maybe she isn't even a real person. Who knows? But the new Twitter emails make it easier to keep track of your followers.

From the email you can also send a reply or a direct message, and read the tweeter's bio - should they have one. Looks like Ethel's forgotten to add hers.

At the moment the new emails are just for new followers, although it's likely that if Twitter is having a clean up then the chances are it will roll out the new format to direct messages as well.