Mashups are not a new thing. With the amount of data floating about in cyberspace it's easy enough to grab some of it and present it in a new way. So to get Pocket-lint's attention when it comes to mashups, the results need not only to be interesting, they need to be original as well.

And that's why the clever bods at UrbanTick have got our attention with its geospacial mashup of tweets presented on a Google Maps powered contoured map called the New City Landscape. Landscapes have been created for New York, London, Paris and Munich.

Based on research carried out by the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL, the landscapes are created using geodata from the excellent, Tweet-O-Meter, which shows average tweets per minute for various locations.

The data is based on geotagged tweets from mobile devices and the contours show the density of tweets for specific areas. In areas of high tweeting altitude the names of locations have been renamed to reflect the activity.

The West-End in London is the "highest" place on the London map, with places like Soho Mountain and Piccadilly Rock peering over the rest of the city. Click here for the full screen London version.

Check out the mash ups for all of the cities featured here.