Twitter has launched Twitter Places, where users can tag a tweet with a specific place. And, as the new feature went live, Twitter experienced an epic fail. Users experienced a 3-hour outage from the service.

There's concern that people could be missing tweets from their timelines from this period although Twitter tweeted:

twitter fail whale gets prolonged outing image 2

It all seems to be up and running at the moment though, which is great because the sight of that fat (and inappropriately smug) Fail Whale was really beginning to get on Pocket-lint's nerves.

Anyway, back to the good news, Twitter Places also includes integration with Foursquare and Gowalla, making it easier to mix your Twitter Places geotags with your location check-ins.

Twitter location tagging is now also available on Safari and IE, meaning that it isn't just Firefox and Chrome users who can join in the fun.

Are you missing tweets from your timeline? Do you find the Fail Whale as annoyingly smug as we do? And, are you going to be using Twitter Places? Give us your answers below.