Twitter is awash with World Cup fever. Looking at the top tweeting trends right now there are six World Cup related hashtags in the top 10: #NelsonMandela, #FIFAWorldCup, #worldcup, #wc2010, #Bafana and #OpeningCeremony.

So it's fair to say that it's more or less impossible to keep up with all of the World Cup tweetings. But Kosmix has made it a bit easier with its World Cup TweetBeat.

TweetBeat cleverly scans tweets for mentions of the World Cup by reading the text within them. The phrase "World Cup" doesn't even need to be present in the tweet, the software knows all of the squad details so a mention of say, Papastathopoulos and Greece, in a tweet would be enough to get it included.

Using TweetBeat you can select to view all tweets at the speed of your choosing, or you can select individual nations using the group tables down the left hand side. For example, this is what the England section looks like:

keep up with the world cup pulse using tweetbeat image 2

TechCrunch has done some sums and has discovered that England is getting 40 per cent more Twitter action than any other nation and that the most popular players on Twitter are Joe Cole, Wayne Rooney, and Lionel Messi.

England's first match is against USA on Saturday. Without wanting to upset our American readers, of which there are many, we have to say - Come on England.

How are you lot watching the World Cup? Using the 3G on your phones in the office toilets? Sneaking off to the pub for a "meeting"? Or in the comfort of your own home on your 50-inch plasma screen?