MetroTwit, a Windows Twitter client that uses Microsoft's Metro design language as its inspiration, has entered public beta stage, and is now available for download for free.

Obviously a TweetDeck rival, the application presents a clean, easy-to-follow front-end to Twitter. But it's a swathe of interesting integrations with Windows that makes MetroTwit stand out from the crowd. It utilises the latest Microsoft .NET 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation 4 frameworks, ensuring that it doesn't just end up being an extension of a browser, but uses your desktop to enhance the experience.

metrotwit to woo pc tweeters image 2

For example, the icon doesn't just sit on your desktop, it integrates with your taskbar, and shows a count of how many unread messages you have. The software also supplies quick-glance notifications of new tweets from those you follow, which pops up in the corner of your screen.

metrotwit to woo pc tweeters image 3

The client itself also offers a few, exquisite talents: Like with TweetDeck, you can scroll through previous tweets without having to press a "load more" button, it loads as you pan down. Also, within the tweet box, MetroTwit will complete usernames and hashtags by using its in-built search functionality.

Considering the language it's based on, there isn't going to be a Mac version, but PC owners are unlikely to lose any sleep...