The General Election bun-fight continues apace, and the Lib Dems aim to further capitalise on Nick Clegg's good showing on the first televised debate by using the power of the 'net.

One demographic the party is directly targeting is the good, old-fashioned, common or garden geek - citing policies such as the abolition of the hastily-adopted Digital Economy Bill, and the protection of scientific research budgets as important issues for the technophile voter. And, to get across its promises and messages, the party launched a new website and Twitter hash-tag today with the catchy (but grammatically iffy) title #geekthevote.

The home page at presents each science/technology policy in easy to understand terms, all under the banner of "Times are Tough for Geeks". And there is an opportunity to read the entire manifesto if that takes your fancy. The Twitter trend can also be followed here.

Of course, whether the voting tech-friendly public are happy to be called geeks is another thing entirely. After all, what do you think? Are you happy to be geekified?