Fresh off the back of announcing an official Android client, Twitter has also decided to plug another hole in the hull of the company's sailing boat - a link shortening service. CEO Evan Williams made the announcement at Twitter's Chirp conference.

Currently, there's a range of third parties who exist solely to make links shorter so that you can cram a little more commentary into the 140 characters allotted to you. The most popular is, but there's also, Twurl, and Tinyurl, and the sites have been lampooned wonderfully by the excellent

However, Twitter's decided that it's such an essential feature - used in almost all third party clients - that it's going to be building one for itself. "Everyone else has solved that problem. We are probably not going to give people a choice. If they want to use a different shortener, they can use a different app", said CEO @ev.

Potential names for the URL shortener include and, both of which are owned by the company.