The US Library of Congress has revealed that everything you've ever publicly said on Twitter is to be enshrined within its hallowed walls. Yes, everything. Even that drunken tweet about how much you love Saved By The Bell.

The Library of Congress is the biggest library in the world, and holds a massive archive of data of all different types. Recently, it's been adding to its vast collection of printed material by adding digital assets, which are then made available to research scientists and academics.

It's unclear if the data will include information on who follows who and when, or whether the data will be made available for commercial purposes. It's also unclear how it'll be accessible - whether there'll be a website to log into, or whether you'll have to do it manually. One thing's for sure, though, there's no doubt a whole host of interesting information contained within.

Elsewhere, Google's also started cataloguing tweets - offering up a feature called Google Replay that lets you see real-time results from specific moments in history. With the new focus on everything you say being preserved for all eternity, you might want to begin being a little more careful about what you tweet.