Twitter has written a smug blog post about how well it's managed to reduce spam on its microblogging service since it hit a peak of nearly 11% back in August 2009.

Despite recent security threats being spread through DMs on the service, Twitter reckons that it's managed to put a lid on the issue. The site's statistics show that despite a gradual increase from launch up to a peak of 10.9% in the middle of 2009, Spam levels are now down to a much more manageable 1% of total traffic.

Twitter says: "Like it or not, as the system becomes more popular, more and more spammers will try to do their thing. We’re constantly battling against spam to improve the Twitter experience and we're happy to report that it's working".

If you're being spammed on Twitter, the best thing to do is hit the "report for spam" link on any dodgy profile pages, or send a tweet to the @spam account. Twitter has a full and rather more in-depth guide too.