Twitter has hit its 10,000,000,000th tweet, only five months after it hit its 5 billionth. The microblogging site, which has gone from strength to strength since taking off at the start of 2009, hit the milestone at about 1am GMT on 5 March 2010.

Tracking site GigaTweet, which features a big, rapidly-moving number in the middle of the page that counts the total tweets, predicts that it'll only be about 20 days until the 11 billionth tweet, and just 200 days until the 20 billionth. That puts it somewhere around the end of November 2010, though that's a rather inaccurate guess for now.

Meanwhile, various employees tweeted about the milestone, including founder @ev who said that the whole team was watching for the 10 billionth tweet on a massive screen. The tweet isn't viewable, sadly, because the user has protected their stream, but here's the 9,999,999,999th instead for your perusal.