Twitter, seeming to notice that some people do use the main site ("because many of you use to read and write tweets") has added some functions to the site that those using Twitter clients may have already been enjoying for some time with the introduction of "hovercard" functionality.

Described as a "handy way to interact with the folks behind each tweet", a hovercard will offer more information about a Twitter user from any timeline, meaning you don't have to click through to find out more.

From Twitter's blog post on the topic "We're introducing a feature called Hovercards that will be a handy way to interact with the folks behind each tweet. On any timeline, as its namesake suggests, Hovercards are cards which appear when you hover over a username or avatar. The cards display additional information about the person and allow you to interact with them while staying within the context of your page".

Twitter suggests the cards will be useful to find out more about retweeted people, says an expanded view will give more info and that "sending direct messages to people you follow will also be possible".

Hovercards will be rolled out in stages so not all of you will be seeing them right away, warns the micro-blogging service.