Twitter has announced on its blog that it's launching localised editions of its trending topics list. The feature had previously been in beta, enabled on some accounts, but now it should be accessible on everyone's.

To access it, visit, log in, and on the right hand side you'll have the option to set your location. Americans get to pick their nearest big city, but we Brits - and the rest of the world too - have to put up with country-wide trends. Perhaps that'll expand in the future.

Twitter says: "Local Trends will allow you to learn more about the nuances in our world and discover even more relevant topics that might matter to you. We’ll be improving this feature over time to provide more locations, languages, and data through our API".

Intriguingly, one of the top trending topics in the UK right now is #mangojuice, which - after a little sleuthing with the help of Trendistic - appears to have begun in the evening on 26 January with an innocuous complaint about a cab seat having mango juice on it. Right now, the vast majority of those using the hashtag are just asking why it's in the trending topics list, fuelling the meme further.

What's your favourite flavour of fruit juice? Let us know in the comments.