Twitter has announced on its blog that it has undertaken a revamp of its mobile website. The company says that its mobile site should be "fantastically innovative" so has rebuilt the whole thing from scratch.

To take a look, you can point your mobile phone's browser at, which apparently works best in webkit browsers - the kind found on Android, iPhone, Symbian S60 and Palm webOS handsets. It should work on a BlackBerry, but Twitter says it hasn't fine tuned for RIM's browsers yet.

The old site is still up at, but users will be transitioned in phases over to the new site. If it's not appearing for you at that address, then either be patient or update your bookmark to

Twitter also promises, in the same post, that it'll shortly be launching some "neat" ways of using the new APIs recently launched by the company, presumably the retweet and lists functionality in particular. Twitter says: "We look forward to sharing more cool things with you soon".