The northern English town of Darlington has become the first town in the world to get an official "Twitterer in residence". The appointee is Mike McTimoney - a teacher better known as @thedarlobard.

He's going to be responsible for making sure that the town is kept abreast of news and events, both Darlington-centric and across the UK. It's linked to the Darlington Experiment 2.0 - a website that aggregates any mentions of Darlington from sites like Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

He'll get a salary of £140 per year, matching the site's 140-character limit. McTimony said: "I think it is great to be the UK’s first twitterer in residence and I hope other towns will follow suit", with Andy Atkins, a member of the Darlington Partnership adding: "More and more people are communicating using digital and social media and we want to reach as many people as possible".