Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has re-iterated the wish to keep hold of the micro-blogging site, rather than sell out wholesale, but has said an initial public offering could be on the cards for the future.

"We are definitely not interested in selling the company", Reuters quotes Stone as saying at an Oxford University event.

"If an IPO's the only thing, then sure. But if there is some other way then that would be great too. Maybe some other new way will emerge".

With Twitter funding from investors said to have hit the $100 million mark, valuing the company at $1 billion, the pressure will soon be on for the site to turn a profit, plans for which were recently revealed as advanced, paid-for accounts for businesses.

"2010 is really going to be the revenue year. I don't know if we're going to be profitable, but we have plenty of time", Stone said.

In addition, Twitter could introduce advertising in 2010, but Stone hinted it would take a different tack from traditional display ads, stating: "Everyone's going to love it. It's going to be amazing".