Twitterpeek, the dedicated Twitter device announced earlier in the week in the US could be making its way to the UK in the early part of next year according to the company behind it.

"Someday TwitterPeek will cross the pond to the UK. someday could be early next year I would guess", said Amol Sarva, the founder and CEO of Peek on Twitter. 

The TwitterPeek as it is called, has a dedicated colour screen, and is a QWERTY keyboard sporting device that allows users to dump their smartphones, email and phone calls and just check their Twitter stream regardless of what they are doing.

The new device, available at, will cost $99 and include unlimited nationwide service for the first 6 months, which jumps to $7.95 per month for service thereafter.

The company is also offering a $199 package, which includes unlimited Twitter service for the lifetime of device without the need for a contract.