Twitter has released a new "goodie" that allows users to display lists on their site as they update.

Called Twitter widgets, the new feature "lets you display Twitter updates on your website or social network page" according to the blurb on the new widgets page.

Users can opt for four different types of widget; Profile, Search, Faves and List with the tool auto generating the code so you can paste it on your website, facebook or MySpace page.

Users will be able to set a number of preferences for the widget such as update speed and behaviour, as well as which information to show.  Users will also be able to change the size and appearance of the widget to make it fit in with their page (see below).

Once created, users can opt to have the site spit out the code for them to cut and paste anywhere on the Web.

With the results pumped out in real time rather than delayed, it seems Twitter is happy to empower people to drive traffic to their own site rather than pushing people back to Twitter to see the results.