Regional versions of TomTom's iPhone GPS application have appeared in localised iPhone app stores across the world. The much-awaited app includes turn-by-turn navigation and multi-touch support for the touchscreen interface.

Also included is functionality to navigate to addresses associated with contacts in your phone book, portrait and landscape options, energy-efficient route selection and warnings of upcoming speed cameras.

99.9% of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is covered, and the Channel Islands are partially covered. The app is in the iPhone App Store now, and costs £60.

What's not included, if you buy it from the App Store, is the previously rumoured car kit that includes a mount, enhanced GPS reciever, power cables and built in speaker, along with an audio-out jack and microphone to allow you to use it as Bluetooth speakerphone. That kit is rumoured to cost £100.