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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has launched four new models at CeBIT in Germany this year on its TomTom GO range. The new range is comprised of four models; TomTom GO 700, TomTom GO 500, TomTom GO 300 and the TomTom Rider designed for motorbikes.

The TomTom Go 700 will come with Bluetooth support so you can answer your phone via the system and you can make calls in the same way, and you can even access your mobile's phonebook through the GO.

The TomTom GO 700 also comes with an internal hard disk that comes pre-installed with full, street level maps for Western and Eastern Europe. For the uber lazy, the unit also comes with a remote control to access menus without having to even touch the unit.

TomTom GO 500 doesn't offer the hard drive, but instead opts for pre-installed maps of Europe on an SD card. It too features the Bluetooth functionally of the Go 700 however doesn't include the remote control.

TomTom GO 300 is the entry level model, comes with maps of your region (ie the UK). It doesn't feature the Bluetooth or hard drive capabilities of the other models.

The TomTom Rider is a more portable model and comes with a 5-hour battery life.

Expect to see the new models in the shops sometime over the summer.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.