TomTom today announced that it would be offering a mobile phone edition of its car navigation software.

Using a GPRS connection, the software and maps will come on a Memory Card so not installing or downloading will have to be done. However because of this the number of phones the software will be available on will be limited.

Phones that TomTom MOBILE works on include the Nokia 6600, Orange SPV E200 and Qtek 8080 while being totally portable and exchangeable between all compatible smartphones.

TomTom is also hoping that Later on this year TomTom MOBILE users will be able to subscribe to receive real-time traffic alerts straight to their smartphone.

TomTom Traffic will offer an on-screen, bird's eye view of any incidents or general traffic jams on route, and can automatically find alternative routes to minimise delays. This helps the driver to complete the journey in the quickest and easiest time possible.

Users are able to receive phone calls while continuing to get visual route instructions from TomTom MOBILE. The in-car navigation system works by using a Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver (the smallest and lightest on the market) which connects automatically and wirelessly to the smartphone in the car. There is no need for wires allowing greater portability and convenience for using the mobile phone both inside and outside of the car.

Other features include 3D mapping and night and day settings, which help drivers to clearly visualise the route they are taking. Customisable Points of Interest (POI), allows drivers to programme their own points of interest or information, such as hotels, museums and petrol stations. Together with street number coverage, which allows for full door-to-door navigation, this all adds up to an impeccable navigation experience with TomTom MOBILE.