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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has released an update to TomTom for Android today, bringing with it support for a wider range of screen resolutions. 

When TomTom for Android launched in October 2012, it came with a surprise: it supported only a limited screen resolution, meaning that none of the latest handsets was supported.

It was one of the biggest criticisms of the eagerly anticipated app, leading to some disappointment. When we reviewed TomTom for Android, we also experienced a number of failed downloads of the map data, a long and tedious process.

However, TomTom has corrected these elements. TomTom v1.1 now supports devices with a screen resolution from 800 x 480 to 1280 x 720, meaning it encompasses the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X+ or Sony Xperia T, pictured above.

As for the maps, the app will now save these to microSD card, so if you've whacked a 32GB card into your SGS3, you can pop the maps there on. TomTom also says that the download mechanism has been improved, although we haven't had the chance to test this. 

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The company has also confirmed that the next map update will appear this month (December), so we guess we'll see exactly how that process is handled when it lands.

When it comes to navigation, you can now enter postcodes with or without spaces and the driving view has been revised to make information clearer at a glance. We're going to update our review to reflect these changes once we've had the chance to test it a little more. 

TomTom for Android offers fantastic navigation, with the added advantage of TomTom's smart IQ Routes and HD Traffic (optional). As the maps are stored on your device, it doesn’t need a data connection when driving and re-routing happens in a flash, saving you roaming costs.

The app is pretty expensive, but TomTom has extended its special offer, so you can get the UK and Ireland version for £30.99 for a limited time. 

The update is available now on Google Play, free for current owners.

Writing by Chris Hall.