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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has announced that it has struck a deal with Samsung that will see TomTom supply data for navigation needs.

The deal only appears to apply to the Samsung Wave 3 which runs on Samsung's own Bada platform, rather than their flagship Android smartphone the Samsung Galaxy SII.

TomTom's data will provide the information for users looking to get more out of their maps. This includes mapping for over 200 countries, including 35 million kilometres of roads.

TomTom's POIs will be included as well as 3D city maps and 3D landmarks - something that Google Maps users already benefit from. You also get traffic and speed camera information. 

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Although TomTom says that its input is also for navigation, we don't think this extends to driving navigation - we suspect it will be general route navigation rather than TomTom PND-style turn-by-turn navigation (the picture above is a mockup). 

With many reporting that the PND market is struggling, moving on to a new platform gives TomTom another route to using its mapping data.

"Signing the deal with Samsung highlights TomTom’s ability to deliver the map and enhanced content needed to enable the location based services for wireless users", said Charles Cautley, managing director of TomTom Automotive and Licensing. 

David Noh, vice president and head of Technology Alliance Group for Samsung, commented: "We needed a partner that could deliver to our strict requirements for quality and TomTom rose to the occasion."

Writing by Chris Hall.