TomTom has told Pocket-lint that it hasn't ruled out developing a dedicated GPS app for Apple's iPad, but that we shouldn't hold our breath in the near future.

"We don't have a plan to release an iPad dedicated version at the moment," Rory Jones, the company's iPhone product manager told Pocket-lint in an interview. "It's a market that needs more research, we don't just want to jump in."

While the company admits that there is nothing stopping owners of the new Apple tablet buying the current TomTom app and running it double the size, thanks to the in-built software from Apple, Rory admitted there would be benefits from a dedicated app for the larger screen.

So when could we see something from the satnav company?

"One of the reasons our iPhone application has taken time to get going is because we weren't satisfied with our first efforts, it just wasn't good enough. We aren't going to be there [on the iPad] for the sake of being there, if we do it we will do it well".

Meanwhile TomTom has refused to answer questions on whether or not the company will be releasing an Android version of its popular iPhone GPS software.

The GPS maker refused to be drawn on questions of whether it were developing an app in a recent interview with Pocket-lint or even whether it was steering clear altogether.

"We can't answer that question," was the reply from senior VP of marketing for TomTom America when Pocket-lint asked him whether an Android app was on the cards in the future.

The cagey response rather than a flat out yes or no could suggest that the company is gearing up to launch an app possibly off the back of strong sales for the iPhone.

The TomTom for iPhone app has been hugely successful for the company; regularly topping the top grossing apps in many of the countries in which it is available. TomTom has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it had sold 180,000 apps since going on sale with that number continuing to grow at a "steady" rate.

Furthermore the company also confirmed that it has seen a massive uptake in the car kit that not only cradles the iPhone in the car but also boosts the GPS signal.

"Damn near one to one sales" was the quote from Tom Murray.

The news comes as the company announces a new version of its iPhone software that adds HDTraffic into the mix allowing users to be alerted to traffic jams in real time before being given the option to re-route around them.