"Snoop Speak" is now available to download for your TomTom GPS device thanks to VoiceSkins.com, that's brought the vocals of the hip hop artist to the British roadway system.

Phrases include the incomprehensible: "Take tha third left, and while you're at it, put in some of that Snoop Dogg!" as well as the baffling: "Turn around when possible and keep it 'G', ya d-i-g?".

Along with the VoiceSkin, there's extra material up for purchase including a special points of interest file, said to contain "the locations of places of special significance to Snoop and his favourite Los Angeles haunts", so really useful in Egham.

Snoop's VoiceSkin is now available for download for £7.95, for users of TomTom GPS systems. The Snoop points of interest file is 79p both exclusively from www.VoiceSkins.com.