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(Pocket-lint) - Tinder users can now opt for blind date-style matches with a new feature added to the Explore section of the app.

Available in the US first and rolling out to global Tinder members soon, Fast Chat: Blind Date will pair users ahead of seeing each others' profiles. That way they do not know what their prospective date looks like before chatting first.

Access to their respective profiles will only be enabled if both members decide to match after a conversation.

"We’ve all seen the mix of anticipation and excitement going on a blind date brought some of our favorite movie or TV characters, and we wanted to recreate that experience for today’s generation with the Blind Date feature,” said Tinder's vice president of product innovation, Kyle Miller.

“There's something really special about letting conversation introduce someone’s personality, without the preconceptions that can be made from photos. The new Blind Date experience brings a surprisingly fun, banter-based way to interact and create connections that’s all new to Tinder.”

It works by asking members a series of short ice-breaker questions and then pairing them with others who give likeminded answers. The paired members will then enter a timed chat, showing only their responses from the previous, multiple-choice round. After the timer runs out, they can choose whether to match or not.

Fast Chat: Blind Date is part of the ever-growing Explore section of interesting in-app experiences.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Adrian Willings.