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(Pocket-lint) - Tinder is making efforts to prevent people from sending offensive or harassing messages to other users.

The popular dating app is loved by many across the globe, but like other apps, it has problems with people sending inappropriate messages. The company has made several steps in recent years to ensure user safety. This includes adding a photo verification to ensure users are real people and working on a backgrounds checks system too. 

Now Tinder is attempting to reduce the number of inappropriate messages being sent as well. Tinder has announced that it is rolling out a new feature known as "Are You Sure?" (AYS? for short). 

This system uses artificial intelligence to detect inappropriate language in messages and then simply produces a warning prompt before sending. A user will see a message asking "Are you sure?" when they try to send something the system deems inappropriate. 

The company has said that this logic has "...already reduced inappropriate language in messages sent by more than 10 percent in early testing."

The "Are You Sure" system joins Tinder's previous systems including "Does This Bother You?" which was introduced to allow users to report offensive messages they'd received. The hope is to create a better environment for all users. 

On the one hand, users will be discouraged from sending inappropriate messages in the first place. And on the other users receiving those messages will be empowered to report them. Those systems then work together as the AI learns what users deem to be inappropriate and unwanted. 

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Things can only get better. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.
  • Source: Tinder Introduces Are You Sure?, an Industry-First Feature That is Stopping Harassment Before It Starts - tinderpressroom.com
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