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(Pocket-lint) - Finding the perfect partner can be tricky, more so when you stray into the murky world of online dating. But help is at hand with this collection of ultra-honest, utterly extroverted and often terrifying Tinder users.

Whether or not these people managed to get dates from their unique profiles isn't clear, but they certainly stand out amongst the swathe of frankly boring profiles in comparison. 


ET's soulmate?

Aaron42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 1

We know that ET is a favourite film of many, and the little alien is a beloved character. But we challenge anyone to love him as much as Aaron here. The designer may have a hard time finding a date since he already seems to have found his life partner.

The honest approach 

Aubrey42 Terrific And Terrifying Tinder Profiles image 2

We're wondering why Aubrey has a Tinder profile, because she's not going to get many hearts racing by telling the world how awful she is. Unless you feel that finding out just how awful is a reason to swipe right.

Take a chance on Brandon

Brandon42 Terrific And Terrifying Tinder Profiles image 3

Brandon has gone for a somewhat unorthodox lonely hearts style approach for his Tinder profile. He's been even more honest than Aubrey, even so far as saying he chatted up girls whilst with his girlfriend. Will you be the one to get him to end his cheating ways?

A pussy-cat to avoid

Rachel42 Terrific And Terrifying Tinder Profiles image 4

Unless you are a serious cat lover, we'd have to recommend straying away from Rachel. While we're not discriminatory in any way, and each to their own, dating someone who identifies as a cat may throw up a hairball or two.

This is the boyfriend you've been looking for

William42 Terrific And Terrifying Tinder Profiles image 5

If you think identifying as a cat is odd, we're not sure how you'll feel about William here. The lonely stormtrooper has turned to Tinder in his quest for love, although we're not sure how physical the relationship can be with all that armour in the way.

The recluse

Melissa42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 6

We think Melissa may be telling a few porkies in her Tinder bio. She looks like such a smiley person from her picture, and we're not convinced the horns on her head are real. Still, a trip back to hers could possibly serve up some interesting conversation topics.

The sensitive guy

Cayden42 Terrific And Terrifying Tinder Profiles image 7

Most girls say they would love to find a sensitive guy, so Cayden could be the ideal partner. Whilst you may not like to be 'strung along', it's good to know he's already opened up about his emotional issues. And judging by the hat, we think his fashion sense needs to be talked about too.

The potential polygamist

Megan42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 8

Megan is clearly a future-thinker. Not only does she admit she wants to get married, she also implies she's happy to get hitched more than once and then divorce them. If you swipe right for Megan and all goes well, make sure you prepare a good pre-nuptial agreement.

Putting is all out there

Brosqutio42 Terrific And Terrifying Tinder Profiles image 9

We're not quite sure what to say about Brosquito's Tinder profile. You'll either love his ballsy approach (quite literally), or you won't. If you do, you've then got to convince your mother he's the perfect guy for you. He's definitely got confidence on his side that's for sure.

The humorous approach  

Hana42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 10

We quite like Hana's approach to Tinder. She's going for a laugh, and her picture is quite revealing considering she's trying to attract a potential partner. She leaves you wanting more.

Mr Modest

Casey42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 11

Casey is clearly a fan of himself. His list of abilities and privileges could be a good reason for you to swipe right for him. You could well end up with a few perks!

The Ice Breaker

Jeanine42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 12

Jeanine gives us a lot in her Tinder bio. Not only does she open up about the fact she's half deaf, but she's witty and lets you know she's looking for a wealthy Chris Pratt impersonator. We can't imagine there are many of those in the wild, so if you come across her profile, you'd be foolish to swipe left.

Where do we begin?

Nicholas42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 13

There's a lot to process in Nicholas' profile. His bio could be legit, and his parents are somewhere on Tinder even though they might still be married. And then there's everything that's going on in the picture. He's got a fake fireplace on a laptop, a banana in his hand (for some reason) and it looks like he's drinking a bottle of maple syrup. You want to ask questions, and that's enough reason to swipe right.

Desperate, or genius?

Linda has gone above and beyond with her Tinder profile. She's created a complete presentation detailing reasons you should date her, and considering the effort she's put in, along with a bit of light humour, we'd say she's done an incredible job. 

The cats are back

Jake42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 14

Jake clearly has privileged life, or at least that's the impression he's trying to give. He has perfect skin and a flexible job. Our only reservation is that he sees himself riding cats naked. 

The Wish List

Dragana42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 15

Dragana is honest in her approach to her Tinder bio. She lists her do's and don'ts, which is handy if you're considering swiping right. If you get a match, we'd suggest taking a chocolate cake to your first date.

It's Home Security Week on Pocket-lint

A Knight in shining armour

Petar42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 16

For some reason Petar doesn't think much of himself, as he hopes his potential partner doesn't expect too much of him. On the flip side, his standards aren't that high either, which means you have a good chance of getting a match. Our first question to him to address the elephant in the room would be the suit of armour and sword. Is it cosplay, is it his preferred dress code? We just don't know.


Anonymous42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 17

This anonymous young lady has also gone down the route of saying how bad they can be, which we think is good to know before you swipe right. But the fact she'll respect you for it, could go some way to earning respect for her as well. We would have to address her spelling though.

The Holiday Hook up

Andrew42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 18

Andrew has updated his profile to reflect his temporary location, something we suspect many Tinder users won't do when they're away from their hometown. He's a fan of the DJ Casper one-hit wonder Cha-Cha Slide, and he wants you to be as well. It's a random song we know, but perhaps he's an accomplished dancer.

Yet more cats

Emma42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 19

Emma loves cats, and her cat loves her. She doesn't have any further information in her bio, but we feel her picture tells us everything we need to know to make a decision on whether to swipe left or right.

Glowing reviews

Faraz42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 20

We like Faraz's approach to his Tinder bio. The glowing reviews (which are almost certainly made up) are pretty unique (although Mark has done a similar thing below). He comes across as interesting and witty, and we're big fans of the fake moustache. 

A Clever Twist

Katie42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 21

When you think of a 'bad girl', you'd immediately think of someone who's a bit of a player and finds it hard to commit to a relationship. Katie meanwhile says she's actually bad at everything. While that could mean she's bad at staying committed, we'd be interested to find out how bad she is at everyday tasks, such as walking, or having a drink.

The Perfect Gentleman

Mark42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 22

Mark has taken the review approach too, but only references two different sources: his mum and 'anonymous Tinder women'. They're posted alongside a whole list of qualities that he feels will attract a female partner. Disneyworld regular should earn him huge bonus points.

The Realist

Samantha42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 23

Samantha is all too aware of the problems that face adult life, but she's turned them into a funny and unique Tinder profile. Taxes, mortgages and bills are a pain in the backside for any adult, but she seems prepared to tackle them full on, and it seems she'll enjoy it too.

Sassy Man

Anonymous42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 24

This anonymous Tinder user comes across a genuinely nice guy, and a total badass walking out of a cloud of fire holding beers and cupcakes. He's capable of paying his own bills, which is surely a quality all women look out for and his approachable attitude will surely attract plenty of right-swipes.

The girl with multiple personalities

Vanessa42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 25

Vanessa is a little bit strange. Clever in her approach to Tinder, but strange. She admits she has multiple personalities, so it will be pot luck as to what one you get if and when you go on a date with her. Her pose is a little freaky though, it's not quite contortionist levels of flexibility, but it's enough to make you hesitate before swiping.

The Try-Hard

Ryan42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 26

We feel Ryan is trying just a little too hard with his Tinder profile. It doesn't make complete sense and doesn't give away too much about himself. His poses are a little embarrassing for a 29 year old man, and we're really not sure what 'HITGANG' is. 

Emasculating Men

Taylor42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 27

Taylor wants to stick it to all the guys out there that love going to the gym, and good on her. Her plan to show up those guys is clever, and we'd love to be there when it happens. She would probably go through a lot of shirts though, unless she's a mad seamstress to reattach the sleeves. It would have been nice to have a more recent image of her short blonde hair, but we'll let that slide.

A Snapchat/Tinder crossover

Brett42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 28

Brett has thrown a lot into his Tinder bio, including making it look as though he's uploaded a Snapchat picture of it. We're not sure if he's a man or a woman, going by what he's written, and he's used quite a few clichés. Regardless, it's an interesting profile and should get a lot of attention.

A Potentially Filthy Hook-up

Julie42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 29

Julie's taken a well-known phrase "lady in the street, but a freak in the sheets", and put a witty spin on it that most millennials should understand. We guess the question that begs being answered is, which websites are the unmoderated comments being made on? That would be our first question to her if we got a match anyway.

You, Mikey and Kermit

Mikey42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 30

Mikey is straight to the point in his Tinder bio. He's a lover of Kermit, so much so he's given him control of his car. We're not entirely sure how he actually took the picture, it's very impressive. We're also curious as to what the other photos show. Mikey makes it simple for you to decide whether to swipe right or not, which for us is a good quality to have.

The Screamer

Kate42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 31

We don't know if Kate is implying she's loud in bed, but that's the first thing we thought of. The fact she's a respectable girl that your parents will love make her extra special.

The Lovable Viking

Ryan42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 32

Ryan seems like a really nice guy. He's happy to lift you up at concerts so you don't miss your favourite artists, or keep you aloft in the pool so you don't drown. If you're an expert high-fiver he'd probably appreciate being given some tips, and we reckon most people can get onboard with his enthusiasm for bacon.

The Specific Request

Sydney42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 33

Sydney is looking for someone very specific. Not only does she want someone who's into the same music as her, but ideally a Fergie fan that will happily join in with her rendition of Fergilicious. It could be quite handy for many guys that she doesn't request any other qualities. 

You might want to rethink your bio, James

James42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 34

We like how James has tried to be funny with his Tinder bio, but we suspect his honest about taking drugs could put many women off. He clearly ends up in some unusual situations, and do you really want to be the one to clear up his mess?

The Innocent One

Tina42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 35

We're not completely sure what Tina means about her being the type of girl you want to hold farts in for. We all know it can be embarrassing to fart in front of a loved one, although you know it's love when you don't have to. Maybe she means she's quite innocent and won't approve of your bottom burps.

Nathan really needs a girlfriend

Nathan42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 36

Nathan's profile did make us laugh when we saw it. Initially we wondered why he was on Tinder when he said he was married. But then when he owns up about having tamagotchis, we understood why he needs a girlfriend. And dressing up as a taco with a duck's head is a surefire sign there's something wrong with you, in our opinion.

App Update

Carolina42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 37

We're big fans of Carolina's Tinder profile. The app update format is inventive, although we're not sure what minor bugs have been fixed and if there are any that still need to be addressed. If you're successful in getting a date it will be interesting to find out what version 3.0 brings.

Addressing his facial structure

Mahlon42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 38

Mahlon's bio made us laugh a lot. He acknowledges his lack of chin straight away, and provides a clear image of his profile. We don't know if "being into chins" is a thing, but it may make you reassess what you look for in a partner.

The girl with low standards

Elly42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 39

Elly's profile is another one that gets straight to the point. She's modest when she says she's attractive, although it's a good quality to have, and her more open-minded attitude means you're more likely to get a match. She doesn't say her standards are rock-bottom low, so some guys may still want to steer clear.

The Dark Knight

Vincent42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 40

We're not sure if Vincent is being completely honest in his bio or not. Does he really want a super man girl who's clingy? He's clearly a McDonald's fan, and he looks genuinely upset that a branch appears to have been knocked down. Where he got the meal in his hands though, we'll never know. Plus he might be Batman.

Tread Carefully

Heather42 terrific and terrifying Tinder profiles image 41

Heather comes across as a nice girl, and her boast that she's the best a man can get will have many swiping right. When she says she'll cut you though, is reason to be cautious. If she cuts you without reason, then we'd assume you won't want a second date. If she only cuts you when you do something to annoy her, then it may well be justified.

Writing by Max Langridge.