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(Pocket-lint) - Three has partnered with Snap to add Snapchat to its Go Binge scheme. That means, like Netflix, Apple Music, TVPlayer, Deezer, SoundCloud and the UKTV Play channels, Three customers can use Snapchat as much as they like without it impacting on their monthly data allowances.

It is available to all customers on 12GB Advanced Plans and over. Those who already have Go Binge activated on their 4GB Advanced Plan will also get it free of charge.

To celebrate, Three has also created an exclusive Snappable AR pet for Snapchat users to play with for the coming week.

Each day from today, 26 April, until Thursday 3 May, all Snapchat users will be able to access a new and different Puggerfly lens in order to play with their new AR pet - a cross between a pug and a butterfly.

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It's the first AR pet on Snapchat and is based on the latest star of Three's advertising campaigns. You can place your Puggerfly anywhere you like in the AR, superimposed onto the real world. And you are able to feed it treats, play ball with your virtual pet and even watch it twerk.

"Millions of people play with augmented reality every day on Snapchat and we think they’ll adore Puggerfly," said Claire Valoti, VP at Snapchat.

"Each day they’ll find a new Lens in the carousel that day-by-day builds their relationship with their new AR pet over the course of a week. It’s the first time a brand has used multiple Lenses in this way to tell a character-driven story and we think it’s very powerful."

When the week is up, the lenses will be available via Snapcodes that will be available through media adverts in the UK.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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