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(Pocket-lint) - SwiftKey, the bastion of touchscreen keyboard advancements, has announced that Layouts for Living is available for public beta access. The SwiftKey 4.3 update will offer a variety of new keyboard layouts to suit everyone, no matter what size fingers you have, or whatsize device you're using.

The idea behind Layouts for Living is that various situations demand different keyboard layouts. If you're on a packed train one-handed typing on your smartphone might be ideal, but for writing a document on your tablet you'll want to use all your digits.

This update will cater for many needs with three modes: Compact for one-handed, Full for large screens including left and right cursor keys, and Thumb for people typing on tablets in landscape which can be split into two sections for typing with both thumbs.


It tackles the one-handed phablet problem, it allows you to change the keyboard style to give you more display space or even detach the keyboard completely and move it to another location on the display.

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If you've not yet joined the SwiftKey revolution you're missing out on a unified keyboard that works on all your Android devices. It even learns from the way you type in texts and emails as well as on Facebook and Gmail, plus when using a real keyboard. Your profile is stored in the cloud so any new device is instantly up to speed on the way you type.

You can download the SwiftKey Layouts for Living beta here now, or read about our experiences with the new SwiftKey keyboard!

Writing by Luke Edwards.
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