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(Pocket-lint) - At long last Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens has a trailer up a running to tease what we can expect from its December 2015 release.

Since the film is still over a year away from being unleashed this is being called a teaser trailer. That said it does show off lots more than some teasers, with plenty of footage snippets from the film.


The trailer shows off the classic lens flare to be expected for a JJ Abrams directed film – but without it looking like his Star Trek movies. We also get a glimpse at storm troopers, X-wings, the Millennium Falcon, a female character on a speeder bike, a new rolling robot, and a new type of red lightsaber.

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Despite seeing all these flashes of excitement the trailer does not give much away in terms of plot line. The narration, apparently by Benedict Cumberbatch, simply elaborates on the film's title talking of the force but with an ominous tone.

If the trailer alone wasn't enough to get you excited then the rare treat of seeing all the positive YouTube comments might be. We've never read down so far under a video with so little abuse. A good sign it's gone down well then.

As we said at the start it's still a long wait until the film is released but expect plenty more trailers to tease what's coming between now and December 2015. But for the time being enjoy the first teaser trailer - we've been watching on a loop for quite a while now.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.