An official Instagram account for Star Wars has started to post pictures - and the very first was a mocked-up picture of Darth Vader using his smartphone to take a selfie.

Strangely though, as the phone is in shot, who is it taking the photo of Darth Vader taking the photo? And, once they'd shown it to Vader, did they survive the process? If not, who uploaded the photo? These are the questions we spend way too long thinking about here at Pocket-lint.

The photo also shows that while the dark side of the force might be strong in him, he's still not figured out that you can also take a picture with the front-facing camera on a phone.

Nonetheless, it's the thought that counts and Mr Vader has kicked off the new account in style. He also added a nice message: "Another day at the office."

The other postings since have been nice shots and stills from the Star Wars archive. We would imagine that the account will increase its output as production gets under way on the new trilogy, Disney's first.